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The Fourth Meetings of the Council and Board of Directors Concluded to Shape Second Decade of the APFNet
15 Mar 2020     From:未知

to Shape Second Decade of the APFNet


The APFNet Council and Board of Directors met respectively on 25 and 27-28 March 2018, to review the work of APFNet in 2017 and decide on work and plans for 2018.

APFNet’s work plan and budget for 2018 were reviewed by the Council and approved by the Board of Directors. The Council raised the issue of further focusing on areas where APFNet can add values, and suggested that ways be found to engage members to a greater extent, through more effective exchanges of experience and expertise at annual meetings, and through quality support for the intersessional work of the APFNet.


To ensure the adherence to its mission and objectives in all activities and programs, and to define its future directions to effectively respond to members’ needs and the trends of regional forestry developments, the APFNet, with the approval of the Board, will review the implementation of its Strategic Plan 2016-20, and to develop procedures and guidelines to assess APFNet activities in the first phase of a broader exercise to conduct a 10-year review later when funding becomes available.


Thailand and Cambodia were elected as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council from 2018 through 2021.


Mssrs. W.T.B. Dissanayake, John James Leigh Vetter, Nor Akhirrudin Bin Mahmud, and C.T.S. Nair were elected by the Council to fill the Board vacancies, and start their term since early 2019 in their personal capacity.


The terms of Mssrs. Pat Durst, Jack Hurd, Stephen Midgley and Zhao Shucong were renewed for another 3 years as Board directors(2018-2021). Mr Zhao Shucong was re-elected as Chair for a second term, from April 2018 to 2021.


Dates and venue for next meetings of the Council and the Board will be decided soon.


The meetings were held in conjunctions with the Conference of Forest Rehabilitation in the Asia Pacific Region, from 26-27 March, in Beijing, China, in celebration of APFNet’s 10th anniversary.