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Trainers in Forestry (TIF) Network Study Tour on Community Forestry was co-organized by APFNet and Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS)
27 Feb 2020     From:未知

Responding to the needs of TIF members and in collaboration with Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS), APFNet organized Trainers in Forestry (TIF) Network study tour on community forestry (CF) in Hanoi, Vietnam during 7-13th January 2019. 


With drawing 11 participants from Asia- Pacific region, this study tour provided on-site opportunity for participants to better understand the CF effective models and practices in Vietnam in past decades. The indoor session was focusing on the legal framework and institution arrangement of Vietnam community forestry. Meanwhile, participants also shared in-service training policies and arrangements in their own economy.


Through three-day field visit to several villages in neighboring provinces, some key findings have been concluded as following:

i. Community forestry development was facing some common challenges in developing economies in the region, such as limited access to the resource, insufficient technical support and relevant training, unbalanced information on production and marketing of NTFPs and so forth.

ii. The fact that poor quality of forest allocated to communities has been limited CF impact on livelihood improvement, and household only can get very few directly benefit from their forests;

iii. In some cases, focusing on timber production limited the potential of CF to make a major contribution to community development, and NTFPs have played an important role in this respect.

iv. More efforts need to be made to empower local communities in managing and protecting their nature resources, such as trainings for staffs working at the community extension center and for local people.


On the last day, participants have discussed on 2019 TIF activities, and highlights included:  

· To nominate the contact department or contact person through APFNet Council channel to ensure the continuity of TIF activities;

· To draft a policy brief on in-service training based on submitted reports and circulate within TIF Network to promote information sharing & exchanging;

· To seek potential resource or funding from APFNet to support member economies on domestic in-service training, capacity building activities  through submitting training concept paper or proposal; and

· 2019 TIF annual meeting will be held in September in China.