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Demonstration on Sustainable Forest Management and Restoration in Hilly and Low Mountain Area of Southern China
25 Feb 2020     


Demonstration on Sustainable Forest Management and Restoration in Hilly and Low Mountain Area of Southern China (2016P2-CAF)


Research Institute of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry;


48 months, Jan 2017- Dec 2020


To promote restoration and sustainable management of forest which focus on the improvement of forest ecosystem productivity and forest carbon storage in hilly and low mountain area of Southern China. It is anticipated to bring forward forest restoration technologies and models. The results are expected to enhance both technological and management capacities of hilly and low mountain areas of Southern China in sustainable forest management and restoration, improve the quality of forest, increase forest carbon storage, improve living standards of local residents in the forest zone and thus set an example for its kind in the Asia-Pacific region in future.



  1. Developing and demonstrating effective technological methods and strategies on sustainable management and restoration of forest at landscape level;

  2. Establishing the carbon accounting methodology for SFM and restoration at the project level; and

  3. Promoting knowledge and experience exchange in SFM and restoration among Asian-Pacific region.



Output 1 Demonstration on Sustainable Management and Restoration of Forest

Output 2 Accounted Forest Carbon Storage and Sinks in Target Areas

Output 3 Enhanced Capacity Building and Information Sharing among the Stakeholders




Activity 1.1 Set up sample plots and controls

Activity 1.2 Surveying background data in project sites

Activity 1.3 Designing operation plans on forest restoration and management for demonstration sites

Activity 1.4 Implementing the operation design plan

Activity 1.5 Developing strategies of SFM and restoration

Activity 1.6 Monitoring and evaluating the effect of restoration

Activity 2.1 Analysing baseline data of carbon pools of project sites

Activity 2.2 Making dynamic study on forest carbon storage in target areas

Activity 2.3 Establishing FRLs and accounting of carbon sinks at project sites

Activity 2.4 Developing the carbon accounting methodology at project level which could be applied in the subtropical forest area of Southeast Asia.

Activity 3.1 Holding project inception workshop and 1st steering committee for program implementation

Activity 3.2 Building capacity via training on relevant knowledge and techniques

Activity 3.3 Exchanging regularly and attending international conferences

Activity 3.4 Publishing project results




Project Sites in Qingyang County and Lin’an County