Forestry and Rural Development



Location: Kunming, China

Duration: 12-22 November 2012

The workshop on Agroforestry for Rural Development, as an integral component of APFNet’s capacity building program, was held in Kunming City, P. R. China, from 12 to 22 November 2012. 15 forest officers from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Lao P.D.R., Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Viet Nam attended the workshop.


Picture 1: Participants were discussing the related topics during the workshop indoor session 

The workshop reviewed the agroforestry systems in the Asia-Pacific region and of their importance to rural livelihoods, and discussed the following issues, including the adaptation of traditional agroforestry systems for sustainable land use; the role of agroforestry in the development of community forestry, agroforestry for pro-poor development in upland areas, as well as challenges and opportunities associated with agroforestry for rural development.

A four-day field trip to Pu’er City in Yunnan Province showcased the agroforestry practices in China.

image003 image005

Picture 2-3: Field visit and interaction with local staff in Pu’er City


Picture 4: Participants got training certifications on agroforestry for rural development

This workshop is part of APFNet’s efforts to build regional capacity on sustainable forest management over the medium and long terms under “Forestry and Rural Development” series of APFNet capacity building program since 2009. Based on the findings of the workshop, a report of Agroforestry development in the Asia-Pacific region was developed to provide readers more information of enhancing agroforestry practices in the region (See attachment 3). 

Attachments for reference:

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