Third Forestry College Deans Meeting in the Asia-Pacific Region




Forestry education is crucial for achieving sustainable forest management and regional sustainable development goals. In recent years, green development has become the focus of the international community, which presents emerging and complex requirements for updating forestry and related policies. To be able to keep up with this advancement, the methods of curriculum delivery in forestry education, especially in the post-secondary education, need to adapt to those changes accordingly.

Serving as a platform to facilitate information exchanges and collaboration among forestry education institutions, the first and second Forestry College Deans Meetings in the Asia-Pacific region, supported by the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet) as well as other partners, were held in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Establishing the Forestry College Deans’ Meeting Mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region (FCDMM-APR) was proposed in the first meeting with the mandate to improve the quality of forestry education and enhance sustainable forest management. A Steering Committee for the FCDMM-APR was established during the second meeting and a coordination office hosted by the Beijing Forestry University (BFU) has been up and running to develop the pragmatic cooperation.

Building on the success of previous meetings and to respond to changing demand in the context of evolving forestry development, the Third Forestry College Deans’ Meeting in the Asia-Pacific Region is planned with the theme of “Evolving methods of curriculum delivery in post-secondary forest education”, to keep the FCDMM-APR on agenda and explore more

pragmatic cooperative activities.

Objectives and Expected Outputs

  • An in-depth exchange on innovative methods and technologies of forestry education and challenges for reforming the traditional forestry education;
  • Identification and summary of the innovative ways of curriculum design and delivery in forestry education as an effort to improve sustainable forest management in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Discussion the objectives and exploration of cooperative activities under the FCDMM-APR in 2014.
  • Keynote speeches: reputed professors and speakers from forestry related institutions will be invited to address the theme of the meeting;
  • Lightning Talks/Short presentations (8-10min): proposals from all participants for topics related on cases applying innovative curriculum delivery in practice or other similar topics in forestry education are encouraged; 
  • Working group discussion: open discussion will be arranged following each session and breakup into working groups (Typically 10-20) on session topics with a report back session is designed for better interaction.

Expected Praticipants

The meeting is targeted at deans of Forestry Colleges/Universities, experts from forestry training institutions and regional forestry organization across the Asia-Pacific Region. The number of the participants is expected to be around 50.

Woking Language


Date & Venued

Date: The meeting will be held on 4 November as one partners’ event of 25th Asia-Pacific Forestry commission which will be held during November 4-8.

Venue: Rotorua, New Zealand

Funding Mechannism

Invited keynote speakers from universities/colleges in developing economies will be provided with necessary expenses of participation (round-trip economy class and accommodation); while other participants are encouraged to cover their own costs of participation. For participants with funding difficulties, please refer to the registration form and send your inquiries to the coordination office of the FCDMM-APR and APFNet secretariat.


Please fill out the registration form to confirm your participation and the invitation letter will be sent later. Since the meeting is a partners’ event of the 25th session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry commission, all participants of the meeting are kindly requested to register for the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission to facilitate the visa application ( and hotel reservation. 

Additional information about the meeting will be posted at:


The meeting will be jointly organized by APFNet and Beijing Forestry University, in partnership with FAO and member universities of the FCDMM-APR, such as University of Melbourne, and University of British Columbia. More partners are to be identified.


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