Forestry and Rural Development



pre-training documentations

Organizing Partners

Workshop facilitator

  • Prof.LAI Qingkui (SWFU)(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Workshop facilitating and Logistical service

  • Southwest Forestry University (
  • National Plateau Wetlands Research Center (NPWRC)
  • Community Forestry and Rural Development Association

Wrap-up materials


1st training workshop of “forestry and rural sustainable development” series training programme, with an attempt of drawing all Chinese trainers giving lectures and organizing discussion. Constructive feedback from participants does help improving the follow-up work.


August 31-September 20, 2009

Training venue

Kunming, China

Training course structure

Lectures, country reports, group discussion and field trip


  • Sharing the Chinese experiences and expertise in forest land tenure reform and integrated resource utilisation in mountainous areas;
  • Building capacity for the participants to improve regional forestry development in their own countries or regions;
  • Facilitating the participation of rural communities in decision-making process in forest management and the use of forest resources;  
  • Promoting community forestry and sustainable forest management.

Target countries/economies

Cambodia, India, Laos, Malaysia, PNG, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,

Number of participants