Forest Resources Management



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    Mr. Peter Stephen(IDSS)
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A collaboration of APFNet, TNC and STAFA, with professional expertise to expose advanced information and techniques in sustainable management on forests and trade and to provide a platform to share experiences in the region.


August 31-September6, 2009

Training venue

Lijiang, China

Training course structure

Lectures, discussion and field trip


  • An increased understanding of the current status and constraints facing SFM in the Asia Pacific Region;
  • An increased understanding of the regulatory, market and environmental factors that are acting as drivers to either encourage or inhibit SFM;
  • An increased understanding of the role of CSR as a private sector response to the changing regulatory and market environment;
  • An appreciation of some of the tools currently available to better promote SFM;
  • An appreciation of the key gaps and capacity building needs that needs to be addressed in order to accelerate progress towards SFM.

Target countries/economies

Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, PNG, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Chile

Number of participants