The Batch of 2010



Study of Chinese Culture Courses


My thanks must go to all Chinese language teachers for their kindness and good lectures. To be honesty, Chinese language is a comprehensive instrument to open China’s heart. On the one hand it make my daily life become easy and happy, on the other hand I found friendly everywhere and more understanding each other.

- Utharat Pupaiboon (Thailand)

I think the Chinese language study was essential for the 2 year stay. It helps me to shopping and order food in restaurants. It also assists me to communicate with my Chinese friends. I like BFU because the campus life is so peaceful and conducive for studies. It’s landscaping and gardens are beautiful and very lovely.

- Jeremiah Haron (PNG)

I liked BJFU so much especially for its big campus and excellent teachers, and I have made many Chinese friends- they are so friendly minded and helpful. My Chinese friends helped me a lot during my staying time in BJFU.

-    Ketas (Laos)


Spring 2011 Study Tour…



The trip was really an ideal method of learning whilst observing the forest management practices in China. Many of the Asia-Pacific countries do not employ intensive silvicultural practices as cost of labor and infrastructure usually poses unviable scenarios of forest projects. However it is really encouraging though challenging to see that China really thrives in its efforts to reforest and afforest its landmass.

- Jeremiah Haron (PNG)

The study tour in the Beijing Xishan Experimental Forest Farm is more enjoyable, exciting and helpful for me to know the plantation status in rocky mountain and to get idea about some species of Beijing in reality.

- Mohammad Rahmatullah (Bangladesh)

I appreciate that lecture method is a core function to lead and approach aim of study. Lecture demonstrations, problem discussion, field trip to afforestation sites and nurseries are main teaching activities that were used to encourage students to raise questions related to their own countries in this subject.

- Utharat Pupaiboon (Thailand)

Participation of Asia- Pacific Forestry Week
 (7-11 November 2011 Beijing)




I have got a lot of new ideas from these conferences and side-events and which supported my work in future…I would like to say thank you so much to APFNet for providing me such a good opportunity to learn from this regional event.

-  Vongphet (Laos)

My inspiration is from reading the winning essays and canopy room activities. To my opinion, Feedbacks from the conference was very positive – participants greatly enjoyed the chance to meet like-minded people from so many economies, and the opportunity to maintain network and to learn from each other as well as the chance to explore ideas…

-    Utharat Pupaiboon(Thailand)

Through attending activities during Asia-Pacific Forestry Week, I have met some professors and scientists, which not only would help me to enhance the level of my knowledge, but also they changed some of my ideas about forest, forestry and SFM in some degree…

-    Yusuf Chowdury (Bangladesh)

...from the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week, there were stimulating exchange experiences and ideas, and I got opportunities to consider the ways for better cooperation to tackle the challenges in forestry sector. It is stratified that I had a chance to attend this Forestry Week, which enabled me to get meaningful message, experiences and lesson learnt. The data, documents, CD and books of many international / regional organizations are highly valuable to senior researchers, young professional researcher, students like me. I quite appreciated APFNet and other organizations that made this event happen and hope it can expand in the future.

-    Kemly Ouch (Cambodia)

We Graduated…



During the two-year study in China, I found people in campus are friendly. They are helpful and willing to help each other although we just know each other for at the first time. Not only in school, but also there are many people outside campus are happy to help others, especially foreigners… The most useful learning is my course study. I have improved my academic skill from the lectures and the activities including wonderful study tour to see the real practices of what we have learnt in classroom.

-    Prak Ousopha (Cambodia)

I enjoyed very much my two year study period in Beijing. Chinese people are very cordial and friendly. I like the Chinese culture and foods. I have visited many places in China and got the real facts of china that I never realized before coming to China.

- Yusuf Chowdury (Bangladesh)

I would like to express my thanks to APFNet to grant me the Scholarship Program, offering me such a great chance to study at Beijing Forestry University. I am very pleased with all facilities and scopes to improve my academic and professional skills for my future career and hope I can use the knowledge and skills I got from BJFU for a better management of natural resources in my economy, Laos.

-    Vongphet SIHAPANYA(Laos)

I am really grateful to my supervisor. She is so kind and always is ready for giving me her ear not only in terms of study but also my daily life at BFU. She offers good chances to me to attend seminars of College of Forestry as well as field works with master Chinese students. I have learnt and exchanged many things through those activities and was benefit from it a lot…

-    Utharat Pupaiboon(Thailand)