Scholarship Program



One of the main obstacles to sustainable forest management and rehabilitation in the Asia-Pacific region is the shortage of appropriately trained and experienced personnel at all levels, from policy-makers to forest practitioners. To help address this challenge and better meet the capacity building needs of developing economies in the region, APFNet, in collaboration with Beijing Forestry University (BFU) and Nanjing Forestry University (NFU), launched a Scholarship Program in 2010.

The Program supports qualified students in completing a 2-year master’s degree program in forestry-related disciplines. So far, the Scholarship Program has supported a total of 58 students, with 21 being female. Four innovative majors are provided for the students who come from 14 economies of the Asia-Pacific region. The highest numbers of students in the Program come from Lao PDR (10), Myanmar (9) and Nepal (8).


APFNet scholarship students by sub-region and economy     Updated on July 30, 2016


Number of APFNet scholarship students over time (2010-2015)


APFNet scholarship students by major (2010-2015)


Gender distribution of scholarship students