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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, in line with its Rules of Procedure, provides general oversight of APFNet operations and makes decisions on major issues of APFNet.

Current Board composes of 14 Directors, including 2 ex-officio (non-voting) Directors, and 12 senior officials, experts and scholars in their personal capacity.

Last updated September 19 2017   




Mr. ZHAO Shucong



Vice   Director-General of the National Afforestation Commission of China;

President   of the Chinese Society of Forestry(CSF)

07 April 2018



Associate   Professor, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

07 April 2020

Dr. CHEA Sam Ang


Director General
  General Directorate of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection,   Ministry of Environment of Cambodia

07April 2019

Prof. Rex Victor O.CRUZ


Professor   and Director of Environmental Forestry Programme, University of the   Philippines Los Baños

07 April 2020



Inspector   General of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand

07 April 2019

Mr. Patrick DURST


Senior Independent consultant

(former Senior Forestry officer,   Reginal Office for Asia and Pacific   FAO)

07 April 2018

Mr. Jack HURD


Conservation Director/Deputy Managing   Director of the Asia-Pacific Region, TNC

07 April 2018

Dr. Ganesh Raj JOSHI


Adjunct   Professor, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal

07 April 2020

Mr. LI Qiang


Systems/Market Analyst, ITTO

07 April 2019

Mr. Stephen MIDGLEY


Director, Salwood Asia Pacific Pty   Ltd.

07 April 2018

Dr. Sadanandan NAMBIAR   AO


Hon Fellow-CSIRO   Forest Science

07 April 2020

Mdm. WAN Hasmah Wan Mohd.


Consultant, SRMJ Agrobase Sdn. Bhd.   Malaysia

07 April 2019

Mr. FAN Kejun

Ex-officio Director

Deputy Director General, Department   of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, P. R. China

Since 15 March 2016





Zhao Shucong Chair

Vice Director-General of the National Afforestation Commission of China;President of the Chinese Society of Forestry(CSF)

Before his engagement in APFNet as the Chair of the Board since 2015, ZHAO served as the Head (vise Ministerial level) of the State Forestry Administration of China (SFA), with his leadership focusing on forest tenure reform, forest fire control, and national projects such as afforestation, Grain for Green and North Shelterbelt. His profound understanding of the interactions among social, economic and ecological dimensions has helped shape his vision in forests and forestry and the persistence in advancing forest sector for both ecological safeguard and people's wellbeing.

Prior to serving the forest sector, ZHAO was appointed as senior government officials in Provinces of Anhui and Shandong, including 8 years as vice governor of Anhui(2003-2011).Zhao holds a MBA diploma from Dalian University of Technology of China, and majored in medicine in Shandong University.

07 April 2018


Grahame Applegate Director

Associate Professor, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Grahame Applegate is a forestry and natural resource management specialist wich over 30 years experience in tropical forest management,community forestry and climate change in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Indonesia where he has worked for the past 15 years providing technical inputs to the private sector and Government of Indonesia.He also has experience working in Papua New Guinea, Vannatu,Solomon Islands, Lao PDR, and Nepal. He is currently a Principal Research Fellow in theTropical Forests and People Research Centre at the University of the Sunshine coast

Grahame holds a B.Sc. of Forestry from Australian National University and a Master of Natural Resources from he University of New England, Australia.

07 April 2020


Chea Sam Ang Director
Director General

General Directorate of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection, Ministry of Environment of Cambodia

He has been working for Cambodian Forestry Administration since 1998, and has vast experience and practical knowledge in various aspects of forest management ranging from community-based forest management to REDD+ mechanism and international forest policy process. He has also played leadership roles in Cambodia's forestry development, such as developing the National Forest Programme, and forest management plans at the subnational level.

He holds a B.Sc. of Forestry from Royal University of Agriculture, a MBA from University of Utara Malaysia, and a Doctor of Philosophy of biodiversity development from University Sains Malaysia.

07April 2019


Rex Cruz Director

Professor and Director of Environmental Forestry Programme, University of the Philippines Los Banos

Rex Cruz has been in the forestry profession since 1978. He is now professor and Director of the Environmental Forestry Programme of the College of Forestry and Natural Resource Management in the University of the Philippines Los Banos During 2011–2014, he was Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Being a scientist, a teacher, an administrator and a development worker, Rex has extensive expertise and knowledge in forest ecosystem, climate change, and sustainable development, etc. He is also an active player in the Philippine forestry education and has been involved in the review, update and development of several forestry and environment policies of the Philippines.

Rex holds a B. Sc. and a M. Sc. from the University of the Philippines and a Ph. D from the University of Arizona.

07 April 2020


Pralong Dumrongthai Director

Inspector General of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand

Before being the Inspector General of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand since 2017, Pralong Dumrongthai was the Deputy Director General of Thailand's Royal Forest Department (RFD), where he was responsible for forestry related international cooperation, R&D, forest certification, community forestry, and six provincial forestry offices etc. Before that, he was the Director of Community Forest Management Bureau under RFD. He has also been involved in different regional forestry networks and organizations and worked closely with the private sector in Thailand.

He holds a B.Sc. of Forestry from the Kasetsart University and a M.Sc. of wood industry technology from the University Pertanian Malaysia.

07 April 2019


Patrick Durst Director

Senior independent consultant (Former Senior Forestry Officer for Asia and Pacific, FAO )

Patrick Durst is now an independent consultant. He was the Senior Forestry Officer of FAO/RAP, where he coordinates and supports FAO’s forestry program of work and activities. Before working for FAO/RAP, he was previously the Coordinator for Asia/ Near East Programs of USDA Forest Service and served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer Agroforestry Extensionist in the Philippines. He has authored and compiled many forestry related publications.

He holds degrees in forest management and forest economics, respectively from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and North Carolina State University.

07 April 2018

FAN Kejun Ex-officio Director

Deputy Director General, Agriculture Department, Ministry of Finance, P.R.China

In charge of policy development and budget management in support of forestry sectors, Fan has been dedicated to agricultural and rural development, poverty alleviation, and research on financial policies in conserving agricultural and forestry ecosystem.

Before being recalled to the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance in 2014, Fan was designated to Macao Special Administrative Region from 2005-2014.

Since 15 March 2016


Jack Hurd Director

Conservation Director/Deputy Managing Director of the Asia-Pacific Region,


TNC With over 25 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Jack Hurd has accumulated an in-depth understanding of the social, economic, ecological and climate dimensions in managing terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems. He has a deep background in the NGO sector, and has extensive experiences bringing diverse stakeholders together to identify creative solutions to the challenges of managing forest resources in the region.

Jack holds a B.A.from the University of Vermont and a MPA from the University of Washington.

07 April 2018


Ganesh Raj Joshi Director

Adjunct Professor, Agriculture and Forestry University,

Nepal Ganesh Raj Joshi has made valuable contributions in over 25 years on leadership positions at various capacities in different sectors, including the environment, tourism, agriculture and forestry. He understands the inter-linkages among these sectors and is able to analyze issues and identify solutions in a holistic manner. He was appointed as a Commissioner of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Nepal in April 2015.

Ganesh has obtained a Ph. D in Agricultural Economics (with specialization in Natural Resources Economics) from UPLB Philippines and worked as a Research Fellow in the University of Giessen, Germany. He has published over a dozen of articles in national and international journals on natural resources management, agriculture, environment and climate change and forestry.

07 April 2020


Li Qiang Director

Market/Systems Analyst, International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)  

Li Qiang has been working with ITTO for more than 8 years and has actively participated in the activities of APFNet on behalf of ITTO. Before joining ITTO, he had been working in the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China for over 20 years, responsible for cooperation with international organizations. He is familiar with operations of inter-governmental organizations and NGOs, and has extensive expertise on tropical timber trade and data, forest and timber certification, procurement policies, timber legality and law enforcement, etc.Li holds a M.A. from Peking University, China.

07 April 2019


Stephen Midgley Director

Director, Salwood Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

Stephen Midgley is a forester and development specialist who runs his own consulting company, Salwood Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. He has worked continuously in Asia and the Pacific for over 40 years through many forestry projects and lived long-term in Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China. Stephen had a long career with Australia's national research agency, CSIRO, where he led national and multinational programs related to tree improvement, genetic resources and rural development. His fields of expertise include forest genetic resources, commercial forest plantations, and community forestry and he has a special interest in smallholder contributions to commercial wood supplies. He holds B.Sc. (Forestry) and Master of Forestry degrees from the Australian National University and his work has been recognized internationally by national governments and professional associations.

07 April 2018


Sadanandan Nambiar AO Director
Hon Fellow-CSIRO Forest Science, Canberra, Australia

Dr Sadanandan Nambiar is an Honorary Fellow in CSIRO. He has held several senior R & D leadership positions, including Chief Research Scientist and Science Director, in CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products. He has been actively engaged for nearly 20 years in collaborative R&D in a number of countries in Asia and in South America. Sadanandan has a high international standing based on his leading contributions to the science of sustainable forest management and for enabling practical applications for improving forestry in Australia and in tropical countries. He has received awards from Australia, South Africa, USA, Commonwealth Forestry Association (CFA), Vietnam and IUFRO. He has been honored in Australia as an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO).

07 April 2020


Wan Hasmah Wan Mohd Director

Consultant, SRMJ Agrobase Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia

Mdm. Wan Hasmah is an independent consultant working for forestry related Malaysian business. She was the former Undersecretary of Biodiversity and Forestry Management, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia during 2011-2014. She has vast experience in biodiversity and forestry management and is able to better integrate those two areas. Before that, she had nearly 30 years of experience working in different public sectors, including agriculture, finance, international trade and industry, women and community development. She holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology from University Sains Malaysia. She is also a Mason Fellow with a Master in Public Administration from John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

07 April 2019


Director LU De 

Executive Director of APFNet