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APFNet continues to support multifunctional forest management project

17 October 2015, Chifeng, China - APFNet officially launched the second phase of the Construction of Multifunctional Forest Management Demonstration Sites project at Wangyedian Forest Farm, on the outskirts of Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia. Mr. Zhao Shucong, Chairman of the APFNet Board, and Mr. Peng Youdong, Vice Administrator of the Chinese State Forestry Administration, jointly witnessed the inception ceremony.

During the project’s first phase, 1,153 acres of forests were created to practice close-to-nature forestry approaches, including the establishment of demonstration sites to enhance both planted and natural secondary forests. Community co-management mechanisms were also developed to engage local communities and staff in multifunctional forest management.

“The first phase of the project made remarkable achievements on multifunctional forest management, and I have faith that the second phase will also showcase a good reference for the Asia-Pacific region.” said Mr. Peng Youdong.

The second phase of the project will continue multifunctional forest management activities, including the reforestation of logging sites, thinning of middle-aged forests, and exploration of methods to manage mature and over-mature forests. It will also advance existing pilot activities to demonstrate community engagement, and develop forestry practices over multiple environmental and socioeconomic dimensions.

APFNet will contribute CNY 8,991,900 (USD 1,405,000) to the project through an agreement with the Chifeng Forestry Bureau and Wangyedian Forest Farm. The 4-year project will start in January 2016.