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Workshop for the completion of the Multi-functional Forest Restoration and Manag


Group photo

On March 17th, 2015, a project completion workshop was held for the project: “Multi-functional forest restoration and management of degraded forests” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The project was implemented by the Institute of Forest and Wildlife Research with supervision from the Forestry Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Cambodia.

The workshop gathered a wide range of participants including project stakeholders and international experts who shared and discussed project achievements.

In Cambodia, approximately 400,000 hectares of natural forests have been placed under the management of local communities through the Community Forestry (CF) system. This 3-year project was implemented on select sites in the CFs of Tbeng Lech and O Soam in Siem Reap province and Kamong Tong province, respectively. The objectives were to pilot and demonstrate restoration techniques on degraded CFs for the production of timber and non-timber forest products, NTFPs as a means to improve local livelihoods of local community.

The project sites have since become well-known CF models amongst neighboring CF members, students at home and abroad, as well as foresters from local and international organizations.

In line with the planned outputs, the project was able to achieve the following:

During the workshop, Ms. Sorn Sopheap (head of the O Soam community) discussed the following benefits delivered by the project: increase in direct income from the collection of honey, wild fruit, mushrooms, wild spiders and fish; dramatic increase in knowledge and awareness on community-based forest restoration; and increased community participation in field activities to prevent illegal logging and encroachment.

Nursery site during construction (left) and following establishment (right) in the Tbeng Lech CF
Comparison of natural forests without thinning (left) and with thinning (right). Note the straighter and thicker tree trunks and greater foliage in the right photo.

Dr. Chheng Kimsun (Director General of the Cambodian Forest Administration) stressed the significance of the project in providing capacity improvements to community members in restoring degraded forests, improving forest restoration and moving towards the ultimate goal of increasing forest cover in Cambodia.