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APFNet Scholarship Program Students Experience Winter Culture of Beijing

Initiated APFNet Scholarship Program (ASP) since 2010 for the regional forest talents cultivation, APFNet continues its support for the Program through regular extracurricular activities and cultural events, to help ASP students benefit more. As a tradition, APFNet invited newly enrolled students at Beijing Forestry University (BFU) and program faculty to ski to experience winter in Beijing and visit APFNet secretariat December 18-19, 2014.



Frist Time to Learn Skiing in winter of Beijing



For most of the ASP students from tropical and subtropical region, winter means less rain fall and lower temperature. This was the first time for them to feel snow and to take exciting outdoor sport under minus 10 degrees.



ASP Students were encouraged to Adapt to the New Environment


ASP students also had a chance to visit APFNet secretariat, to share new campus life for past 3 months. Most of them are getting used to the full lecture schedules and enjoying the new environment. They expressed their gratitude of the significant support from APFNet, and hoped more opportunities would be provided to broaden their academic horizon through field study and other actives in future.