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8 APFNet scholarship students graduate from Beijing Forestry University with Mas

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On June 25, 2014, the annual graduation ceremony for post graduates was held in Beijing Forestry University (BFU), and 8 international students sponsored by APFNet scholarship finished their master course program in BFU and obtain masters’ degree.

Back to September 2012, the 8 awarded students gathered from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand and Viet Nam, and began their 2 year study in BFU. They had to put aside their identities as forest officials and researchers at universities, and overcome the pressure brought by the whole a new environment, culture collision and full curriculum schedule.

With the help from professors, administrative staff and friendly students, they gradually got use to the campus life. The scholarship award has not only presented knowledge and skills on forestry and forest management, but also enabled deep cultural exchange and long-lasting friendship with Chinese and other international students.

Before going back home, the students expressed gratitude to APFNet for the valuable opportunities and experiences, and promised to contribute to APFNet and BFU development.