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Mid-Term Evaluation Shows Good Progress of the Forest Cover and Carbon Mapping P


In 2011, APFNet funded a project focused on estimating forest coverage and above-ground carbon stock in GMS (Greater Mekong Sub-region) and Malaysia. The objective was to produce forest cover maps from 2005-2010 and forest carbon storage data of 2005 by using remote sensing technology. On November 30th, a mid-term evaluation workshop which marked as a milestone in project implementation was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The workshop was organized by Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), the leading project executing agency, and co-organized by Royal Forest Department of Thailand. An independent evaluation team and representatives from project implementing partners attended the three-day gathering to assess current progress of the project and discuss activities to be undertaken in the upcoming year.

The project executing agency reported on all progress made since the launch of the project in September 2011, with focus on a number of major outcomes:

While the project progressed well in general, some concerns were also raised during the group discussion, including the lagging of field measure activities which may lead to delay in project completion, lacking of implementing partners in Cambodia and Myanmar, and need for more training opportunities especially on newly introduced technology. Some of these issues have been addressed recently or would be tackled in the next phase to ensure the success of the project.


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