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APFNet launches Kunming Training Center in Southwest Forestry University


The APFNet Kunming Training Center is jointly inaugurated by Madame Yin Hong, vice Minister of SFA, China and Mr. Yang Jie, Deputy Secretary General of Yunnan provincial government, China

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APFNet, in collaboration with Southwest Forestry University, launches Kunming Training Center today. Since 2009, APFNet capacity building program have sponsored seven workshops under the theme of Forestry and Rural Development and Forest Resources Management, which helped more than 120 participants from the Asia-Pacific Region strength capacity of sustainable forest management. Based on the previous activities, the Center is set to provide more specialized training opportunities to forest officials in the region.

Madame Yin Hong, Vice Minister of SFA, China, delivered the welcome remark at the opening ceremony. She stressed the growing need to improve education in the region and called for a more closed cooperation and joint efforts of APFNet and SWFU to build an influential platform in the region.

Mr. Qu Guilin, Executive Director of APFNet, acknowledged achievements made in the last 4 years and believed the launch of the training center is a new stage of the development of capacity building activities, contributing to in-depth and broader regional forestry cooperation.

Mr. Yang Jie, Deputy Secretary General of Yunnan provincial government noted the launch of Kunming Training Center was undoubtedly a very good opportunity for SWFU to comprehensively strength its work and abilities.


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