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APFNet Workshop on Forest Resource Management in the Asia-Pacific Region launche


A workshop on Sustainable Forest Resource Management was launched on 17 October 2011, in Kunming, China. Sponsored and organized by APFNet in collaboration with Southwest Forestry University and Yunan Academy of Biodiversity, the workshop is the 4th thematic training titled with Forest Resources Management under APFNet capacity building program since 2008.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Qu Guilin, the Executive Director of APFNet Secretariat, expressed apreiciation for co-oranizaers and participants, stressed the importance of sustainable forest resource management in a broader context, espcially that a balance should be achieved between protection and utilization of forest resources.Qu sincerely hoped this workshop would serve as a efficient platform for insight sharing on regional forest management.

Bringing together 15 senior forestry officials from 14 regional economies, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Viet Nam and so forth, the workshop aims to analyze the status of regioanal forest resoureces, identify the key challenges faced by Asia Pacific economies, to share and to inspire good stories and lessons learned, and to discuss practical solutions in addressing these challenges. thematic Lectures and case studies will be given by expertise from Forest Management(Malaysia), SSC Forestry, FLEG Asia etc and forest authorities. National reports submmited by participants will be presented as a basis for in-depth exchange of forest resources management through policy and tools and measures in various conditions.

A field trip to Puer County in Yunnan Province will be organized in the latter part of the workshop to showcase the performance and experiences of forest resources management at local level.


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