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APFNet Co-Hosted “Training of Conflict Management and Mediation of China’s Colle


September 19, 2010, Lin’an – A three-day training on “Training of Conflict Management and Mediation of China’s Collective Forest Tenure Dispute” successfully concluded on September 18, 2010, in Lin’an, China.

 This training is the third phase of the 4-phase capacity building program jointly organized by RECOFTC, FAO and the NFP Facility, aiming to involve participants in a process of ongoing critical reflection, enabling them to link the course contents with ground experiences and to apply conflict management techniques and training methods in their specific contexts. 

After receiving systematic conflict management training in Bangkok this March, Mr. Zhuang Zuofeng from APFNet, along with other two trainers, facilitated this training under the coach of Ms. Antonia Engel, an international consultant appointed by FAO. 17 participants from Chinese departments concerning forest tenure conflict management attended the training course. The training introduced participatory training method to explain the concept of Conflict Management and got the warm praise from the trainees. 

The Conflict Management Training Program includes 4 phases: Pre-course assignment, Training-of-Trainers workshop, National level in-country training (June to September 2010) and Lesson Learning Workshop (November 2010).