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1st Meeting of APFNet Focal Points within APEC Region Held in Beijing

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1st Meeting of APFNet Focal Points within APEC Region was held in Beijing on June 24, 2010, with an aim to discuss on establishing an effective working mechanism among APFNet focal points. 24 participants, including representatives from 12 APEC economies and APFNet Secretariat staff attended the meeting.

On the opening ceremony, Mr. Qu Guilin, Director General, Department of International Cooperation, State Forestry Administration, Mr. W. Brent Christensen, counselor of US Embassy, and Mr. James Lee, counselor of Australian Embassy, representing the three core members of APFNet, China, the United States, and Australia respectively, delivered welcome remarks. Mr. Lu De, deputy director of APFNet Secretariat presented APFNet activities and progress, work plan of APFNet and the proposed a working mechanism for APFNet focal points. Discussion, facilitated by Mr. David Cassells, the APFNet consultant, was held on how APFNet could improve future work with regional demands and in which way the working mechanism could support APFNet activities to be better carried out to benefit the region. 

 The working mechanism proposed by APFNet Secretariat includes the roles and functions of APFNet focal points, as well as the meeting and funding mechanism, with an aim to form a regular communication channel to help with APFNet activities and programs effectively carried out and information efficiently shared. Representatives discussed on the working mechanism in light with the situation in their agencies and came up with many constructive suggestions to perfect the mechanism.


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