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APFNet wraps up the Mid-term Evaluation of "Capacity Building towards Effective Implementation of Sustainable Forest Management Practices in Fiji, Tonga and Niue [2015P3-SPC]"

To enhance the capacity of sustainable forest management in Fiji, Tonga and Niue, APFNet in collaboration with Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) launched the captioned project in 2015 through providing effective strategies and mechanisms on implementing and monitoring the forest management plans and codes of logging practice.

A just wrapped-up Mid-term Evaluation (MTE) of the project, conducted by the independent consultant in July 24-28, 2018 indicates well implementation of the project.


Dicussion meeting with Fiji forestry officials on the progress of the project

In the past project duration, the project has successfully developed the Forest Management Plan (FMP) in Tonga and Niue, promulgated the Sandalwood Regulations in Tonga. Analysis on the current legal and policy framework, institutional arrangements and mechanisms for implementing FMPs and codes of practices in the participated economies is also well conducted, which lies a solid foundation for finalizing the implementation strategies and monitoring system on FMPs and codes of practices in the aforementioned economies.

In general, the conclusion of the MTE is positive and presents a sound overview of the project. Comments on further improvement of the project were also raised by the evaluator, which mainly focus on the project outputs summary and dissemination. Those comments highlighted by the consultant were fully supported by the project partners which is considered to be specific, manageable, and important to further strengthen the implementation of the project in its remaining project duration. 


The full report can be downloaded here: Mid-Term Evaluation Report 2015P3-SPC[final].pdf