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APFNet scholarship alumni sharing session – “New Horizons for Forestry”


I prefer to work with people dependent on forest resources

—Mr. Mohammad Rahmat Ullah, Ph.D. in the University of Sydney, Australia

I’m Ullah, and I came to the Beijing Forestry University, China in 2010 through the ASP majoring in Forest Management. Under that program, I learned some advanced forest management principles such as forest resource evaluation, wood utilization, and forest pest control measures. I found that these principles are ecologically sound, economically viable and societally acceptable. Moreover, for one year, I learned the Chinese language which is hard but interesting to me.

So far, I capitalized on these learnings and devoted myself at the beginning of my career. I preferred to work with people who are dependent on forest resources. I worked in protected areas to motivate people for forest conservation, and at the same time, to improve their livelihoods. I was also involved in developing a “Country Investment Plan” addressing forestry, environment and climate change issues for the Government of Bangladesh. Now, I am doing Ph.D. in the University of Sydney, Australia. I believe that my current research on “the effect of drought on soil microorganisms for carbon use efficiency in a grassland of Australia” may somehow reflect my significant contributions to nature and people.

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I will never give up

—Ms.Iqtie Qamar Laila Mohd Gani, Senior Assistant Director of Forest Enforcement

Division at Pahang State Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia

I’m Laila, 2nd batch student of ASP and I studied with 8 other friends from different economies. I’m grateful that we graduated on time together and we still get connected almost every day through social media.

After my graduation, I continued my duty as the Assistant Director of several divisions in Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM) until 2015 when I was promoted as the Senior Assistant Director of Forest Enforcement Division, and one of the two females in the division. My team and I caught 28 forest offenders in Pahang State in various offences from 2015 to 2018, which is the biggest achievement in my career.

During two years of study in Beijing, I not only acquired  technologies and techniques in forest management that can be applied in Malaysia, moreover, I have strengthened my character and learnt how to cope with things, think positively and never give up!

Without my experience in ASP, I could never be a forest enforcer as I am now. It might be impossible to eliminate forest offences in my economy, but my team and I will never give up! 

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I am proud of who I am now 

—Ms. Kemly Ouch, Deputy Chief of Timber Trade and Forest Certification Office,

 Forestry Administration of Cambodia

My name is Kemly Ouch. Back to the year of 2010, I was a 22-year-old student, just graduated from the university. Like any other Cambodian students, I reached the crossroad where I could continue my education or seek for a job.

Getting this scholarship was much more than being able to continue my education, and the 2-year journey was a life-changing experience which I had never thought of. It is just like a life test which I have no idea what the test is.

The journey also shaped my personality, thoughts and how I viewed Cambodia. I am more than ready to develop myself to serve my economy. Currently, I am working independently under minimal supervision in Forestry Administration of Cambodia and could see my progress and I am proud of who I am now.

The ASP has not only benefited myself, but on a larger scale, is highly important to contribute to the forestry talents development of every member economy in the Asia-Pacific region. We need more capable people to serve the forestry sector and we are working hard to do that thanks to many helpful programs like ASP. 

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If you are interested in our scholarship program, please contact:

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